Amber Rodriguez

Amber Rodriguez is a respected family lawyer with an excellent reputation in and around the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. She provides a variety of legal services through the Law Office of Lisa L. Taylor, but the bulk of her work involves guiding clients through the complications of divorce and child custody matters. Clients greatly appreciate her caring and compassionate nature; they can take solace in knowing that, no matter how emotional the divorce process becomes, they have a loyal advocate by their side.

Education and Work Background

Long passionate about family law, Amber Rodriguez attended Texas Southmost University and the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) as an undergraduate. During her time at UTB, she was involved in the committee responsible for determining the college’s paralegal curriculum. She later continued her educational pursuits at the St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. Her academic and professional potential were recognized right away, as she received the Cameron County Bar Association Annual Scholarship in 2010. In addition to raising her children and studying at law school (and making the dean’s list), she continued to work as a family law paralegal. Today, she offers a variety of family services through the Law Office of Lisa L. Taylor, focusing primarily on divorce and child custody matters.


Family is central in Amber Rodriguez’s life, and she knows that the same is true for the vast majority of her clients. She recognizes that, in spite of difficult marital circumstances, her clients will do anything possible to ensure the health and happiness of their children. Amber Rodriguez is similarly committed to this cause. Although spouses have many reasons for going their separate ways, many desire to keep their family life as stable as possible. With Amber Rodriguez’s help, it is possible to achieve this goal. In her work as a family lawyer, she consistently establishes a spirit of cooperation, which ultimately leads to satisfactory case resolutions.

Whether you anticipate a drawn-out legal battle or are committed to parting on amicable terms, you can count on Amber Rodriguez for exceptional legal support. She will patiently guide you through the entirety of the divorce process and help you achieve the favorable outcome you need to move on with your life.